Open letter to Mister CHISSANO

    Faced to the recent statement from the International Contact Group (GIC), SADC and the International Community to withdraw without any conditions the applications of Lalao RAVALOMANANA, Didier RATSIRAKA, and Andry RAJOELINA to presidential election.

    We, « TGV/Extérieur »,  Supporters and followers of the revolutionary change in 2009, Pro-Rajoelina in France and around the world denounce and do not tolerate the interference of those organizations  which instead of spreading the peace, spread the confusion.

    In lieu of assuming their failure, the International community comes up with some methods and processes in contrary to the human rights, which in the same time flout the sovereignty of Madagascar in being contemptuous overall Malagasy.

    We call to mind Mister CHISSANO, Head of the SADC Delegation, to reconsider his « paper » and to take another decision complying with:

    « Let this sovereign people to make their choice and to take their decision in electing their future President »

    Do not forget Mister CHISSANO that your main mission is to ease and to find the way out from the crisis and not to strengthen it to the detriment of the 22 billion Malagasy.

    The President Andry Rajoelina has been there where he is , through the support and the back up of his people, and mainly by satisfying to the explicit wishes of a population wiling to improve their daily life, He incarnates this aspiration, this dream of the change with a new vision based on the needs and the interests of the nation.


    If you (SADC, UA, UE,OIF, COI ONU), have not understood that the Andry RAJOELINA application is unavoidable and indispensable for Madagascar and its people, we lay down the challenge for you to organize pronto a referendum on this purpose.

    You always have to grant and to assure to people, wherever they are from, whoever they are, the freedom to choose in fully autonomy theirs representatives, so do not contravene your main and noble role.

    It is to this sovereign people and only to them which belong the right to elect who they want and not to the foreigners. Otherwise it is simply an interference and an intrusion, a practice worthy of a neocolonialism era.

    Also, we urge the Malagasy overall to join their strength for a popular jolt and not ever to accept this neocolonialism that the International community implements and that the Malagasy undergo. And together, we are going to lead this fight to its success.

    RAMAHARAVO Michel, Secretary General of the TGV EXTERIEUR.

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